The Folklore (For Kids*) community partners with the Yellow Hat Publishers to fundraise toward a children's project that seeks to adapt the Yellow Hat published books into a play.

A play for kids by the kids from, with children from all walks of life, expressing the elements in the books through the theatrical imagination of a children: from costume, dance, song, script and more. Starting with the Yellow Hat's first published illustrated children's book titled Tullula. The book was written by Refilwe Moahloli and illustrated by Simon Mahlo, telling the story of a majestic bird born into royalty - "the Ndunas of the herd"

This thespian exploration and interaction with the children will also go beyond the text to involving our elders in an intergeneration dialogue to pass on stories from one generation to the next. 

With a shared vision around 'The Art of Storytelling' - we launch our initiative on the 26th of September during the Folklore (For Kids*) Heritage Picnic. Yellow Hat Publishers will donating books for auction to fundraise for this thespian initiative.

Visit: to see more on the Founder and Director: Abena-Saah Mophatlane, the artists, the book and more.

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