Our first digital folklore fireside features: Luyolo Lenga, an ethnomusicologists Originating from the rich and fertile womb of Mdantshane, in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, Luyolo explicitly emits his latria for Xhosa culture and African spirituality in his music, drenched with exuberance and humility. 

This will be a four part episode sharing our interview with Luyolo. As part of the series we launch the very first indigenous instrumentation workshop at our inaugural Heritage Picnic on Saturday the 26th of September,2020.

He will be taking our parents and kids who makes and play uHadi, the musical bow originating from the Xhosa tribe. In collaboration we will be sharing the educational entertainment emanating from our Folklore: Chapter 1 album. Exploring:

1. Writing by Observation: movement, sound, touch & more

2. Singing by Response: harmony, call and response, unison, chants

3. Language: riddles, rhymes, repetition, alliteration, onomatopoeia

4. Sounds & Nature: demo indigenous instruments, make and play

The theme 'Sabela' came from our mission to teach kids how to response with intuition, confidence and playfulness to enhance their creativity whilst inspiring them toward African storytelling.

For more details on more workshops coming soon for adults and kids - please subscribe to the website or email: - Pilani Bubu


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