Indelible Storyteller Newsletter



Dear ‘Folklore Community’, as we close the loop on another enchanting Folklore Festival, we find ourselves overwhelmed with gratitude and joy for the incredible journey we've shared. It is with immense warmth that we extend our deepest thanks to each and every one of you— our cherished audiences, talented artists, dedicated suppliers, invaluable collaborators, our sponsors and steadfast supporters.

The success of our Folklore Festival is a testament to the collective spirit and passion that defines our vibrant community. Your presence, enthusiasm, and unwavering support have breathed life into our vision, turning it into a unprecedented reality that transcended even our own expectations. We firmly believe that a vision can only flourish when embraced by those who see its potential, and your contributions are the driving force behind our success.



In the spirit of folklore itself, your generosity and time shared are the seeds that nurture our cause, allowing it to grow and flourish into the magnificent tapestry of culture and artistry we witnessed this year. We moved the dial, breaking new ground and creating memories that will linger in our hearts till we meet again.

As we celebrate our growth, we also extend a warm welcome to new members joining our Folklore Community. Your presence enriches us, and we are excited to embark on new adventures with you. Looking ahead to the new year, we are filled with anticipation for what the future holds.



We envision smaller fringe shows and events where we can gather more intimately, sharing the magic of folklore in more personal settings. It is our hope that these gatherings will foster deeper connections, forge new friendships, and continue to cultivate the sense of community & collaboration that makes our Folklore Family so special. Once again, thank you for being an integral part of our Folklore Festival!









Till we meet again, we'd like to leave you with some new music from the forthcoming album "Folklore Chapter 2: Ekuseni," that delves even deeper into my roots, culture and the ancient wisdom I’ve sought over the years in my own personal story, in communion with my elders, my ancestors, their rituals, rites, and the gifts and inheritances given to me. SAVE THE DATE 30 NOVEMBER for the album Launch in Johannesburg. Ticket links to follow soon.



Thafaelibanzi, features indie – folk artist: Muneyi. Whose music has been described as a gift from the gods, a healing experience as he connects the listener to his own narrative of Tshivenda folktales and modern sounds.
“In my verse, I draw upon the rich tapestry of Tshivenda folklore to convey a profound message. I intertwine the concept of corn and borders to illustrate how borders can divide us, causing us to gradually lose touch with our roots and origins. However, our shared heritage and ancestral connections persistently remind us of our cultural identity. This verse symbolizes the enduring bond that ties us together as Africans, even in the face of a rapidly changing world that urges us to embrace globalization. "Thafelibanzi" is a compelling anthem of hope, reflecting the belief that despite the challenges of modern society, we can rediscover our true selves and reconnect with our sense of identity, our sense of home. Through this verse, I express my conviction that we have the potential to navigate the complexities of our evolving world while remaining rooted in our heritage and ultimately finding our way back to our authentic selves where we’re always welcome.” – said Muneyi



“Thafaelibanzi, both a description of a vast field and the name of my grandfather's first land in the village, my ancestral home, where traditional ceremonies and rituals should be held… The song is a cry for a ritual skipped over by my parents (whose guidance came from the church and amore westernised African community in their earlier parenting lives). The ceremony announces a child to its ancestors through 'Imbeleko' – the burying of the umbilical cord of the child in the kraal of their patriarchal birthplace. Seeking protection and guidance from the ancestors from here on. This is the ritual that begins all rites of passage. Without it there can be no other ceremonies. My family finally fulfilled this ritual in January of this year 2023, for me. The song expresses a journey HOME, an anthem, a declaration of seeking and finding. Home can be, mean and feel like different things to all of us”. Pilani Bubu