Pilani Bubu – South Africa

Pilani Bubu is a multi-award-winning storyteller, singer, songwriter, poet, tv presenter, inspired speaker and creative entrepreneur. Pilani is never without a lived experience etched into her heart and mind in a highly expressive musical journey. She tells authentic stories of inspiration, identity, and influence. She’s a multifarious artist, and an intentional performer with a unique voice and a cohesive global sound she likes to call jazzy folk soul. She has four music projects released under her own independent label and publishing company Bupila Publishing (PTY) LTD: ‘Journey of a Heart' - EP (2012) ‘Warrior of Light' (2016) ,Folklore - Chapter 1 (2019) which was awarded the Best African Adult Contemporary Album at the 26th edition of the South African Music Awards (SAMA26), and Lockdown Lovestory (2022)

 In May 2022, she relaunched the Folklore project in France and the rest of Europe, in partnership with Music Development t Label and her Europe booking agent: Caramba. She will also be showcasing Folklore Chapter 2 and @ at Womex in Lisbon in October 2022 and launching her very own Folklore Festival on Heritage Day in South Africa on 24 September. Bringing folk artists from North, South, East and West Africa.

Pilani Bubu is a versatile and dynamic artist, with an emerging success story of passion and persistence bubbly under. From the beginning of her musical career, with her genre-fluid perspective, Pilani has managed impress radio compilers, TV producers and festival directors with her music and stage presence. Touring across, Africa, East& Central Europe and parts of the United states.