Wanlov the Kubolor is a Ghanaian & Romanian award winning music producer, performer, & creative director. Kubolor plays the guitar & koshkas and speaks Pidgin, Ga, Twi, English, and Romanian.

Kubolor is also part of the satirical duo FOKN Bois, with M3NSA, who are credited with creating the world’s first Pidgin Musical “Coz Ov Moni”. He has collaborated with acts like King Ayisoba, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, Sena Dagadu, Pilani Bubu, JOJO ABOT, Stevo Atambire, and Sister Deborah.

Kubolor produces & supports talents that have positive social messages as he is a strong advocate in Ghana for Human Rights and is outspoken on environmental protection.

Kubolor is popular for his humor, bravery, unorthodox views on varying topics, and his down-to-earthness. He travels the world barefoot making his memories and connections to places more intimate.

The Kubolor wants freedom & justice for all.